Uboard Smart Monitor Stand to Improve your Productivity

Checking your note when typing can be an exhausting activity. You need to turn your head from the monitor in front of you into the note next to the keyboard. If you are having this exhausting situation, Uboard Smart Monitor Stand is the best solution for your problem.

The design of this product allows you to check your note easily when typing. The Uboard is designed with a transparent glass above the keyboard. You can put your note on the glass.

Therefore, you can easily compare the note with what you type easily. This gadget might be simple enough. However, it can improve your productivity significantly.

When you are working on your office desk, you might not realize that you waste your energy on small activities. Those frequent activities are going to consume most of your energy. Uboard Smart Monitor Stand helps you to reduce your energy consumption for unnecessary activities. The less energy you use when working, the more thing you can do with the energy left.

Uboard Smart Monitor Stand - Black

Uboard Smart Monitor Stand – Black

The Elegant Design of Uboard Stand

Talking about the design, Uboard Smart Monitor Stand is elegantly designed for modern office. The most important part is the glass surface. It is made out of rectangular glass with round corner to make you safer. The size of this glass is slightly longer than the size of your keyboard.

In addition, this material has two benefits. You can easily check the keyboard through the surface. Additionally, it can also serves as the place where you put your note. This way, you are able to check your note when typing by simply look down instead of turn your head.

The second part of Uboard smart tempered glass monitor stand is the legs. It incorporates two rectangular shapes with curvy corner. Generally, it comes with either white or black color.

These legs can be found in both ends of the glass. It elevated the glass surface about 80 mm tall. Therefore, you are going to get enough space for your hand.

Moreover, it also serves as the support of everything you put on the glass surface. It is capable of accommodating up to 15 kg.

Under these legs, there are rubber feet. It prevents your desk from scratching when you move the Uboard. The glass and the legs are connected with screws.

The most useful feature of this gadget is three USB ports. These ports are useful when you want to transfer data from your flash drive. Moreover, you can easily charge your phone by plug the cable on it.

You can fiund those ports in the left leg. It also comes with business card holder. This additional feature is going to help you access your contact.

Beside the business card holder, Uboard Smart Monitor Stand comes with mobile phone holder. You can place your mobile phone on it when being charged. Therefore, it is not going to bother your working space, so working in your office desk has never been easier and more comfortable before.

UBOARD SMART Tempered Glass Monitor Stand Shelf USB Multiboard for your PC iMac and iPhone

UBOARD SMART Tempered Glass Monitor Stand Shelf USB Multiboard for your PC iMac and iPhone

The Quality of Uboard Smart Monitor Stand

Most materials of this gadget are in the best quality. The glass surface is made out of tempered glass. This type of glass is relatively durable.

You can even put your monitor on it without making it cracked. Moreover, this material is also heat resistance. Putting hot coffee on top of it is no longer a problem.

The tempered glass surface is also easy to clean up. You can remove the coffee stain on it by simply wipe it carefully. Meanwhile, the legs of tempered glass are made out of acrylic material.

This material is durable yet lightweight. The durability of the legs helps to support the tempered glass surface. The elegant design of the legs blends perfectly with the overall Uboard Smart Monitor Stand design.

The combination is definitely giving modern and futuristic impression of your office desk. Furthermore, the USB ports incorporate standard A-type model. Meanwhile, the mobile phone holder on the side of Uboard USB multiboard stand incorporates the same material as it goes with the legs.

UBOARD SMART USB Multiboard for your iMac and iPhone

UBOARD SMART USB Multiboard for your iMac and iPhone

The durability of acrylic material provides support to your mobile phone. This phone holder is slightly tilted in certain angle. It allows you to check the screen of your mobile phone easily without having to touch it.

After understanding the specification and the material incorporated on this appliance, you might want to consider purchasing it. You can spend less than $50 for one of this useful gadget.

After purchasing it, you are going to get separate pieces of the part. All you need to do is to construct it by yourself. However, you might face difficulty since there is no standard guidebook in it.

To deal with this problem, all you need to do is  turning the box. Behind the box of Uboard Smart Monitor Stand, there is a picture of overall design. Figuring which part goes with which part is relatively easy.

Uboard Smart Monitor Stand - White

Uboard Smart Monitor Stand – White

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