Tiffany Floor Lamps

The atmosphere of the room will affect a person’s mood and put tiffany floor lamps will provide luxurious and elegant atmosphere. You may have tiffany table lamps or ceiling lights for specific needs. Even so, the floor lamps have unique characteristics and have various ways to enhance the beauty inside your home.

Louis Comfort Tiffany was the creator of the first tiffany floor lamp in 1895. He is an internal designer for a company in New York City, where he makes a style stained glass window. His work at that time was the starting point from the concept to creating tiffany floor lamps.

You can find tiffany floor lamps with various models and styles. Although original tiffany lamps use a brass base, most of the floor lamp on the market uses a variety of base design. Sometimes you will find replicas products that are very similar to the originals and they usually have a lower price range than the original product.

They all may have a stained glass shade, but cannot match the quality of materials that used by Louis Tiffany. This is not a problem because there are some people who prefer a particular lamp design and a few others looking at antique tiffany lamps as artistic lightning fixture.

How to Find Original Tiffany Floor Lamps

Currently, finding original tiffany floor lamps in the market will be very difficult. However, there are people who look for because they have high value and artistic look. Tiffany lamps are only available in small amounts and most of tiffany floor lamp on the market is counterfeit products.

Louis Tiffany creates a nice lamp and everything is handled by hand. Until now, there is no definite record about the exact number of tiffany lamp are made. Original tiffany lamps mostly owned by antique item collectors and sometimes you can get the original lamp in the auction.

Each Tiffany lamp has its own characteristics and differs between one another. You will find Tiffany lamps in a variety of colors, styles and models so you can choose one that suits your home interior. Some tiffany lamps models that become legend are quoizel tiffany lamps, meyda tiffany lamps and dale tiffany lamps. Select tiffany floor lamps that match your needs and get them immediately.

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