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Cheap Pine Desk for Stylish Office Interior

[caption id="attachment_6875" align="aligncenter" width="560"] Cheap Pine Desk with Three Drawer[/caption] Most office interiors use either modern ...

Cheap Pine Desk with Three Drawer

Cheap Pine Desk with Three Drawer

Most office interiors use either modern or minimalist design that prevents it from having too much elegant design. If you want to add elegant touch on your office interior, you can use cheap pine desk. It will not only make your office more stylish, but also add natural touch on it.

Besides the beautiful appearance of this office desk, it also features several drawers that make it functional. Although it uses pinewood as the main material, the office desk is also suitable for those who need to use computer with it. The best thing about this product is its affordable price.

Simpli Home Cosmopolitan Office Desk, Medium Auburn Brown

Simpli Home Cosmopolitan Office Desk, Medium Auburn Brown

Simpli Home Sawhorse Office Desk, Medium Saddle Brown

Simpli Home Sawhorse Office Desk, Medium Saddle Brown

Features of Cheap Pine Desk

One of the best affordable pine table products that you can purchase to decorate the interior of your modern or minimalist office is the desk manufactured by Sauder. The wooden office desk features three drawers on the side. It also has keyboard platform for you who need to use computer.

Moreover, the drawer is able to slide easily due to metal runners and safety stops installed inside it. The size of drawer is sufficient for storing both office supply and important files. Locking mechanism is also installed as well for those of you who want to store confidential or classified file inside.

The design used on this cheap pine desk is elegant and stylish. The straight lines of the wooden office chair will suit modern or minimalist theme of your office design. In addition to the stylish touch, you can see the beautiful grainy texture of the pinewood on the surface of the desk.

The last feature to mention on this stylish desk is rubber part on the legs of desk. The rubber parts are designed to prevent the desk from scratching your office floor. Therefore, you will be able to move it around in office without having to worry about damaging the floor.

The dimension of this desk is about 53.2 x 22.6 x 29.8 inch. This dimension can fit into the cubicle or meeting room on your office without taking too much space. In order to complete the stylish design of the pinewood desk, you can use ergonomic office chair along with it.

Combination between ergonomic office chair with the stylish and cheap pine desk manufactured by Sauder will improve the entire appearance of your office interior. If you still confuse on choosing desk for your modern office, you can use this desk instead.

Sauder Registry Row Desk, Amber Pine

Sauder Registry Row Desk, Amber Pine

Pine Computer Desk – Cheap and Long Lasting Furniture


Pine computer desk will provide a touch of character in your workspace. Pine desk is very versatile so that they can be a good choice for office furniture. Pine computer desk comes with attractive appearance and have a clean slate. In addition, they can be painted in accordance with the interior color of your room. Pine table has many staining options and if you like the original color, you can choose clear sealant.

When you want a pine computer desk, consider carefully the characteristics of wood maker. You should know that the pine is a type of soft wood that need softness to take care. Dropping something hard directly onto the surface will damage the pinewood. You can have a pine computer desk in a long time if you can treat them regularly.

Double Pedestal Pine Computer Desk

Pine Computer Desk Characteristics

Small fissures, uncommon wood grain and knotholes are some characteristics that will be found in pine computer desk. Nevertheless, some people consider this a defect and some people consider it a unique charm. This type of wood is very sensitive against changes in ambient temperature. In hot temperatures, pine will dry out and allow the occurrence of cracks. In cold temperatures, this timber will swell. Therefore, you should place the pine furniture in the room with a small temperature changes.

Pine computer desk comes with two options, one complete set and separate. Assemble computer desk is very easy and you only need some simple tools and a little time. If you do not want to assemble, the table that comes in assembled condition is the right choice. When choosing an assembly table, you will have the opportunity to modify them according to your wishes. You may be able to put custom mouse and keyboard tray. When you have a printer, books, scanners or other supporting devices, computer desk with hutch or shelf will be very useful. You can even store small items such as CD or portable devices in it.

pine corner computer desk

Pine Computer Desk Maintenance

Pine computer desk will require simple maintenance. You can use a soaked soft cloth or cleaning dust equipment. Clean the dust on the wood surface, especially at the corner table. You probably will need a furniture polish if your wood desk is already protected from environmental elements. Before wiping the wood with furniture polish, apply a little on the small area of wood to see the impact of wood polish. If you bring drinks or food, make sure you provide the base because pinewood is very sensitive to temperature changes. That way, you will get a pine computer desk that always looks attractive.

Consider pine material as an option if you intend to get a computer desk. You can use many techniques to make them look older because pine table is very flexible. That way, you will get a desk that would fit with your room interior. Another advantage that can be obtained from pine computer desk is able to survive much longer. In addition, they have a more affordable price when compared with other solid wood tables.

You can find computer desks at online stores or furniture stores around you. The online store offers the convenience because you can buy best pine desk computer without having to leave the house.

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