Mayline Furniture Review

Mayline furniture has a large selection of models and needs. Mayline is a well-known office furniture company that has existed since 1939 and they are known as supply Engineer Company. Previously, they offer straightedges, blueprint files and drafting tables. Nevertheless, Mayline is a supplier of drawing equipment. Mayline office furniture offers the highest quality equipment.

Mayline Furniture for Office – Mira Series

You may still be confused in determining the elegant office furniture when you will renovate the company. Mira series of Mayline may be suited to your needs. Mayline is a furniture manufacturing company that provides quality solutions for quality manufacturing and application driven.

Mira series is very functional and have a collection of high-class furniture for all offices state. You will not find the panel system in this series. With this series, Mayline furniture will fill the gap that is not provided by other furniture manufacturers and other conventional methods.

Mira series has a stylish and elegant appearance because simple curve that exist in this product. These advantages make the Mira of Mayline may be suitable for all types of office atmosphere. Mira series was already well known because it has a friendly price and top class workmanship. At Mira series, you can choose Medium cherry polish on cherry veneer.

Mayline Furniture Mira Reception Desk

Mayline Furniture for Office – Sorrento Series

Sorrento is the best series from Mayline furniture because it describes the characteristics and the ability of the office. Sorrento provides transitional design of wooden office furniture for every room, such as the location of the office receptionist, conference room, executive office, personal area or home office. This series has an interesting and classy appearance. It is suitable for modern offices that use high technology that requires the appropriate furniture.

Sorrento Series from Mayline has a multitude storage choice, high level of quality and features for advanced technology. This series has two polish choices, Espresso Walnut and Bourbon Cherry. Mayline using best and solid wood veneers from North American for Sorrento series.

Mayline Furniture Sorrento Double Pedestal Desk

Mayline Furniture for Office – Corsica Series

Through a Corsica series, Mayline offer veneer desk sets that can be used for offices and businesses. All tables that located in Corsica series have an elegant and modern appearance that can be customized with interior decoration of the office. This collection table is available in two color options and both have North American veneer with AA-grade.

Corsica Series has an executive desk with an elegant and sophisticated look that is perfect for high-tech furniture lovers. In addition, you will see a table with modern and traditional models in this series. Corsica provides products that allow for modification, including qualities that can be found in other places with high prices. 2-inch table surface and the dark sloping edge will provide comfort when working.

If you want, increase the level of office interior by adding wall cabinets, hutches, pedestal, return and credenza. The combination of the above furniture can help keep the overall appearance of workspace. Although Mayline come with modern, style and quality furniture, they have a friendly price.

Mayline Furniture Corsica P shaped Top

Mayline Drafting Table

This table is available in many types and color choices so you can adjust the best for office or home office. If you need a drafting table that have adjustable top table to support the task, you can consider getting Mayline Dual Adjustable drafting table. When you work with tables, is very important to obtain an ergonomic chair.

Comfortable chair in combination with Mayline drafting table will provide comfort when working and will prevent workers from back pain due to sit down with a bad position continuously. Give your workers the comfort and ease of working with Mayline furniture.

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