Light Bulb Types

You can create a pleasant atmosphere and helpful to see more clearly with the right light bulb types. The color of light can change and give a warm atmosphere for all situations. You will find many light bulb size and type on the market. Straight tube is the most popular type for the fluorescent lamp. Light bulb shape is usually determined from the letters contained in each bulb. Here are a few light bulb types you can use.

Incandescent Light Bulb Types

This type of light bulb is widely used by most people. The working principle from the incandescent bulbs is use a tungsten filament that heated by electricity to create light. Filament usually placed in a vacuum or in nitrogen gas mixture. Most of the energy will be channeled into heat so that the incandescent light bulb types have low power efficiency. Tungsten will vanish due to the high temperature of the filament and the rest will come together at the side of the bulb.

Imperfections in the filament cause them thinner at each operation. The energy wave that transmitted when you turn on the light bulb will make the thin area gets hot quickly than the filament. This will damage the filament and burning the bulb. Incandescent bulbs have several types and one of them is type B. You will realize that the type B light bulb has a different shape if compared to the bulb in general. The form of the B light bulb types will look like a torpedo or flames style. Typically, this type of bulb used in the desk lamp and chandeliers.

cool incandescent light bulb types

Fluorescent Light Bulb Types

The working principle of the fluorescent bulb is by passing current through the tube containing mercury and argon gas. This process will lead to UV radiation on the phosphor layer and will emit light. This type of bulb can last up to 20,000 hours, produces less heat and have high efficiency levels. Most people assume that the fluorescent lamp has a neutral color and does not provide good color rendering. This assumption is probably due to the fluorescent lamp with a cool color become standard in the industry.

This light bulb types have a low CRI rating and cool colors. Now, the assumption has been changed. Fluorescent lamps that use rare-earth tri-phosphorus technology have excellent color rendition and many variations of color temperature, ranging from 2700K or higher. Fluorescent light is ideal when used for large area and only requires a little detail work such as a basement. You can use fluorescent bulb in all areas of the house because of the type and model of bulb is easy to find. This bulb cannot be used to dim lights.

fluorescent light bulb types compact

Light Bulb Base Types

You will find many types of light bulb base in the market. Lighting fixtures require a suitable base bulb so you have to choose correctly. If you are wrong in buying a bulb base, a bulb will not be attached to the fixture perfectly. Base type with bolts and consists of brass, ceramic or aluminum is the type that is widely used. Another type comes with bi-pin, and they have many sizes for different light bulb types.

dimmable light bulb base types

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