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Among the so-many species of houseplants out there, most species of indoor palm trees are probably the best houseplants for several reasons. Almost all species of palm trees are considered as exotic plants, from its trunk, stems, and leaves. For this reason, you can spot the plants along Beverly Hill’s street. Besides being exotic as outdoor plants, indoor palm trees could also look exotically beautiful, which make it suitable for your houseplant.  Having palm trees as houseplant will also make your house fresh and healthy due to their ability in absorbing chemical toxic on air.

Choose Indoor Palm Trees Wisely

When selecting for indoor palm plants, however, you are to be selective because not all palm trees can grow well in a container. For this reason, it is better for you to shop for palm trees in either land-based or online florist, instead of putting any palm trees you meet in a container. The suitable indoor palm trees are ones that grow slower than other plants. Hence, you will have more time to enjoy its beauty.

Good indoor palm trees are also ones that are meant as an indoor houseplant. It means that the sizes of the trees are shrunk on purpose. If you are about to shop for this houseplant, here are several species of artificial palm trees you are recommended to purchase. Lady Palm, a palm tree species that comes with fan-shaped leaves and commonly grow in China, is the first species indoor palm to purchase. This palm makes a perfect houseplant due to its slow growing, around one or two leaves per year. This factor also makes it one pricey palm tree.

Indoor Palm Trees Types

Pygmy Date Palm is another houseplant that is included into indoor palm trees, due to its easy maintenance. Slightly different from other palm trees, you only need to make sure that the soil in the container is not dried up. Hence, this palm tree might take you less than a minute a day, to water the plant. Different from the Lady Palm, Date Palm is a palm species you can call as affordable and cheaper indoor palm trees.

There are lots more indoor palm trees you can purchase. In an online florist, you will find large selections of palm trees. Some of them are Christmas Palm Trees, Areca palm trees, and most Mediterranean palm trees. Now, how much should you pay for a single palm tree? As the species, indoor palm is also various in price tags, ranging from less than $5 (usually baby palm tree) up to more than $200. Artificial indoor palm trees are usually offered much lower price tag.

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