House Plants for Sale and Their Price Tag

The first thing to do, after deciding to apply green home interior theme and deciding where to install houseplants, is shopping for some house plants for sale. There are now various species and types of plants out there. Yet, only some of them are quite suitable and preferable as a houseplant. You can find these house plants for sale in any florist downtown your area, with various price tags. Unfortunately, only few florists are providing large selections of houseplants for sale. Sometime, none of them are suitable for your green interior theme.

When you desire to purchase the suitable house plants for sale, you should consider shopping online. Online florists usually provide large houseplant selections with relatively competitive price tag. Anyway, there are several species of houseplant you are recommended to purchase. Here are some of them, and their price in most online florists. Palms are house plants for sale you should consider buying, for they are aesthetically elegant.

Type of House Plants for Sale

One of these houseplant palms is Kentia Palm, which has been widely popular as a houseplant. This kind of palm could make such perfect house plants for sale for large houses, office building or hotel’s lobby. One main reason of why this palm suits large houses, offices and hotels is that it is a bit pricey. The price tag is ranging from around $90 up to $150, based on the size and container used. Similar to Kentia Palm, Happy Plant also makes the suitable indoor house plants for large rooms and buildings. This plant costs at $80 up to a hundred bucks, based on the size as well.

For those who desire elegant yet affordable house plants for sale, Janet Craig will make such best choice. This houseplant comes with strap-shaped leaves and toxic-absorbable stems and leaves. This plant’s leaves are a bit bigger than the previous houseplants and they play important role to absorb chemical toxic. In most florists, these plants are included into affordable tropical house plants, due to the price tag that is not more than $90.

Cheap House Plants for Sale

The above house plants for sale might be quite pricey, if you allocate tighter budget and merely need houseplant for smaller space. There are actually more selections of house plants for sale that is much cheaper than the above plants. These cheaper houseplants cost from less than ten bucks up to more than $35. However, most of these cheaper houseplants are smaller in size and do not feature toxic absorb. Another option, if you desire to have the pricey houseplants above, is buying expensive plant when they are still little and grow them up by yourself.

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