Famous Interior Designers from Across the World

During the 20th century, famous interior designers became popular and since then, many names are popping up. Unfortunately, the profession as an interior designer can only survive until the end of the 20th century. After that, the interior design is an industry that is less desirable by many people.

Most people probably will assume that the world of interior design is not as popular as the fashion world. This is not entirely true because there are many creative people who are proud with their profession as a professional interior designer. In fact, some of them become famous interior designers of high-class clients across the world.

modern lounge by famous interior designers

Famous Interior Designers- Nina Campbell

Professional and famous interior decorator scattered in various corners of the world and they have a special style that became differentiator between one person and another. One of them is Nina Campbell.

When Nina was 20 years old, he was adjusting the position of furniture with her mother after dinner ends. At the time, Nina talent appeared in the form of decorates and beautifies any space. The field of interior design that occupied by Nina then released when he worked for John Fowler, a name that is firmly attached to Colefax and Fowler’s, the famous fabric and wallpaper design company.

Nina’s career can run smoothly as helped by his ability that can produce a quality design with a nice blend of fabrics and colors. Today, people recognize Nina as a professional interior designer for the trimmings, fabric and wallpaper sets. In furniture, she can handle items such as gift-wrap and table linen.

Famous Interior Designers – Mauro Lipparini

Famous Italian interior designer is Mauro Lipparini. Mauro was known as a designer with a style of ‘natural minimalism. Interior design with a mixture between joy and pleasure is Lipparini style. He uses a very creative visual ideas and use bold colors to create artistic style.

In the interior design industry, Lipparini has made many contributions. This was demonstrated by developing products from European and Japanese companies that already have a great reputation. During his tenure, he gained international recognition by obtaining Young & Designer Milano and Du Pont Koln award.

Famous Interior Designers – Ron Arad

Ron Arad was famous interior designers that well known to many people. He comes from the Middle East and was born in Israel. In 1980, Ron Arad achieves his peak glory because having designed the sculptural furniture and became a self-taught maker.

In Como, Italy, he established Ron Arad Studio and her work have appeared in famous architects and interior design publications that scattered in many places. In addition, Ron Arad exhibited some of his work in several museums and galleries.

Famous Interior Designers – Rachel Ashwell

Rachel Ashwell is an interior designer who is well known by the world community. She was known as the inventor and owner of Shabby Chic. In addition, she became host of a Shabby Chic television program. Ashwell trends portrayed as Shabby Chic. Rachel could decorate the house with a variety of equipment such as sofas, lamps, rugs and desks. In addition, Rachel gives more attention to the flower and comfortable feels.

Some color combinations are often used by Rachel Ashwell is white with beige and blue with sea-foam green. She was known among the celebrity world because has an amazing interior design talent. Madonna, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez and Anthony Hopkins are among the celebrities who use the Rachel talents.

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