Crystal Table Lamps

Crystal table lamps can adorn the table and become the focal point for the entire room. You can select the preferred design and some popular models available are antique, retro and modern. In addition to making a table lamp with direct power, manufacturer makes battery powered table lamp lamps to save energy. Online stores such as Amazon provide many crystal table lamps options for you. You can choose one that fits with your home interior decor.

Waterford 26” Crystal Table Lamps

Waterford Crystal is the first manufacturer that comes in mind when talking about the table lamps made ​​from crystal. Manufacturer offers high quality products and great beauty. One famous item from Waterford Crystal is a 26-inch table lamp.

This product comes with a brass base that has a step-up design with the largest step on the bottom. Base is carved to make this product appear more attractive and stylish impression is very strong because of the glass stem. Crystal table lamps from Waterford using 16-inch white fabric shade and three way rotating switch to set the lightning level with ease and fast. These lights can accommodate 100-watt bulbs. Despite requires assembly; you can assemble them in just a few minutes.

This product has a classic design and glass stem will match the modern room atmosphere. If you feel that the Waterford crystal table lamps are still too expensive, you can find stores that offer discounts so that you can get them with a cheaper price.

Crystal Table Lamps

Crystal Body Table Lamps

Crystal table lamps body is the best alternative when you want high-quality crystal table lamps with a more affordable price. This product has interesting design because it comes with a glass globe with four ascending size. These crystals lamps come with white shade and good lighting. In addition, this product can accommodate 100-watt bulb and use a three-way control switch.

These crystal desk lamps are cheap, but not for some people. However, you can get a big discount if you are lucky. With the price offered, you will get the item that looks luxurious and beautiful.

elegant chrome crystal table lamps

Vintage Crystal Glass Table Lamps

Antique crystal table lamps are suitable for you who want an item with a classic design. This type of lamps typically has a remarkable handmade painting to give a strong antique impression. This lamp will look like old lightning fixture that already exists for several decades.

An important point often overlooked when choosing a lamp is crystal lamp shades. Currently, lamp shade not just as an accessory, but also as the center of the beauty of the whole lamp. You can choose lamp shade for crystal table lamps that made ​​from paper, glass, metal and silk.

black crystal table lamps home lighting

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