Cleaning Antique Writing Desk for Maintaining Their Beauty

You can buy antique writing desk to be placed in the office or home. This type of office furniture will provide the best place to work and write. Antique desks have been known since several decades ago because it has a beautiful and elegant appearance. In addition, antique writing desk has a high durability and sturdiness that makes them preferred by many people. When you put the antique desk in the office, you will get a lovely atmosphere. You can get a desk with plenty of choice of price, design and style so that most people will be confused to choose antique writing tables that suits their needs.

When you already have an antique desk for writing, you need to treat them regularly to maintain their beauty. The following are some simple steps to care your antique writing desk using simple and inexpensive equipment.

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Step By Step to Cleaning Antique Writing Desk

When cleaning antique writing desk, the first thing you must take is to treat the wood surface. In general, wood furniture is equipped with a special coating that will protect them from termites and humidity. Even so, you will see piles of dust and dirt if the wood surface is not cleaned for a long time. This will cause dirty stains that will make the antique writing desk lose their charm and elegance.

You should use a clean cloth to remove stains and dirt on the wood surface. After that, use an old sock and lemon oil to wipe the wood fiber. Most people will use the old sock to clean the antique portable writing desk because the old sock can clean the wood furniture perfectly. This is very important to ensure that any stains and dirt on the wood grain can be absorbed by the lemon oil. Old sock usually use fabric that allows you to burnish fibers in your antique writing desk so you can maintain their natural wood beauty. If you find stubborn stains, use an additional towel with lemon oil to clean them.

The next step you should do after cleaning your antique writing desk is to use a wood polish formula. You can find them on the home improvement retailer, either at local or online with various deals. Wood polish will provide additional layers and make your desk more shine and dazzle. Additional layer from wood polish contains elements that will protect the wood from termites and dust for several periods.

By following the above steps, you can clean the antique writing desk with easy, fast and without using expensive equipment. Although simple, the steps above will keep your antique furniture for a longer lifetime. If you do not have the time, you could use professional care services to care for your antique writing desk.

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