Antique Table Lamps

Antique table lamps will look beautiful and can be placed in the study room, a corner table or office desk. Here are some antique lamps that became a bestseller.

Adesso Spheres Antique Table Lamps in Bronze

Simple design and graceful spheres from Adesso can present a classic atmosphere from Asian lighting style. This lamp comes with two rice paper globe shade with an adjacent position and double-rod base. Sphere globe shade with a natural tan color will provide warmth and light to increase the reach of sight in the futon bed, Chinese cabinet or sofa.

These antique table lamps have bronze finish that looks very attractive and provides high durability. Sphere comes with a height of 24 inch and 20 inch depths. You can find operating panel on lamp base. Each lamp shade has a 9-inch diameter and can accommodate a 60-watt bulb. Unfortunately, you have to buy the bulbs separately.

Adesso Double Spheres Antique Table Lamps Bronze

Dale Tiffany Dragonfly Antique Desk Lamp

All parts of this lamp look good. Tiffany dragonfly is a table lamp that provides natural lighting with the uplifting spirit. This lamp has umbrella shade with 12-inch diameter and decorates with yellow, cream and amber dragonfly. The lamp shade background has red, green and blue colors. Detail is very charming and it can be seen from the tiny segment on the wing.

When exposed to light, the glass color will fluctuate so that will create beautiful game light. Body is made from metal with fine carvings. Body has octagonal-shaped with four legs and lamp base has a design like a hand. These antique table lamps come with bronze polish so it looks inviting and warm, ideal for any room.

Dale tiffany antique table lamps use a hand-roller art glass with the highest quality, handmade touch and made ​​with the ‘copper foil’ method. This method is already used by Louis Comfort Tiffany since a century earlier. You will not find two identical products because they are created manually. It makes tiffany antique table lamp as original lightning fixtures. These lights come with 18-inch tall and require very little assembly. Dale Tiffany dragonfly uses 60-watt bulb and they are not included in the sales package.

Dale Tiffany Dragonfly Antique Glass Table Lamps

OTT-LITE VisionSaver Plus Carolina Antique Brass Table Lamp

Use the OTT-Lite Vision Saver when you want comfort and avoid eyestrain when reading. These lights will provide natural daylight to deliver high-detail, precise rendering and clear color contrast. OTT-Lite provides 13-watt bulb in the selling package. This lightning fixture using low heat and low glare bulb so it can get a high-energy efficiency when compared to standard incandescent bulb. Bulb can last up to 10,000 hours without replacement. Using low power light will help reduce greenhouse gas emission.

These antique table lamps come with three choices of finish, silver, bronze and brass. This lamp has a traditional design and has a sculpted round lamp base. Moreover, OTT-Lite provides arched arm and slender support. You can adjust the height of shade with a range between 10 to 22 inches. Swing side feature also included in these antique table lamps to provide facilities in direct light.

ott-lite antique brass table lamps

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