Tropical House Plants – Home Office Recommended Selections

When it goes to houseplant, you are to be selective in choosing the suitable one for there are many of them, which comes from different parts of the world. Among the so-many houseplants out there, tropical house plants might be one of the best houseplant. Basically, the tropical house plants are houseplants that come from tropical countries, such as countries in South America and in Southeast Asia. Plants in these tropical regions are popular for its exoticism, endurance against extreme hot weather, easy care and plenty oxygen they produce.

Best Tropical House Plants

Due to the above characters, tropical indoor trees will be suitable for green home theme. Besides adding the green aesthetic to your home interior, these plants will also make your house cool even in such extreme summer. There have been many tropical plants that can be installed as houseplants. Yet, only some of them are considered to be the best houseplant. These best tropical house plants come in attractive look, and need little maintenance.

Here are some selections of tropical house plants you can prefer. The first houseplant from tropical region is called Monique Fig Tree, which can grow up to 12 feet in its natural habitat. As a houseplant, this Fig Tree comes in smaller size than the common size and it placed in the suitable container. Most tropical house plants require much light, including this houseplant. Thus, it is recommended for you to place this plant nearby or next to a glasses window. This houseplant also requires uniformly moisture, so you are to regularly water this houseplant.

tropical house plants potted fig tree

Tropical House Plants – Palm

All Palm trees could be considered as the recommended tropical indoor plants, including ponytail, which can grow at various stem size and number of heads on the stem. Ponytail palm is usually sold at various size and types, which determines its price tag. Compares to other palm trees, this palm houseplant might be a bit pricey. This tropical houseplant is similar to other tropical house plants, also requires high light. Yet relatively littler amount of water.

Another species of palm tree you can install as tropical house plants are Manila Palm, which can grow up to 20 feet in height. For houseplant purpose, this Palm tree is much smaller in size. As previous types of tropical house plants, you are recommended to put the houseplant on a highlighted area, as next to glasses windows. You do not need to water this palm houseplant very often. Just make sure that the soil inside the container is not dried up. There are various types of houseplant you can actually choose and you need to find a good florist to find one that you desire.

tropical live fan palm home office

tropical indoor artificial dracaena plants

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