Tiffany Table Lamps

People already know tiffany table lamps since a few decades ago. Currently, models of tiffany lamps still liked so many people looking for the lamp to add a collection or beautify the room. Table lamps from Tiffany are very charming and can lead to artistic impression in the room.

Tiffany lamps are not only suitable for antique decor, but also suitable for home with traditional and modern settings. These lamps come with elegant, artistic and unique appearance so that they really stand out when compared to other desk lamp. Thus, tiffany desk lamps can seize the attention of every person who viewed it.

tiffany table lamps

Tiffany Table Lamp Bulbs

Tiffany table lamps come with a height up to 36 inches and have a shade with sizes up to 24 inches. For standard usage, you can use a 60 watts bulb. However, tiffany lamps will work by using three bulbs with up to 100 watts power.

The craftsmen use only the best glass and beautiful material for making tiffany lamps. The best materials that combined with attractive patterns will result in furniture that looks very beautiful and luxurious. Tiffany lamps still provide soft light even if you use a lighter bulb. Light from the bulb will radiate through the glass shade that will provide amazing light color.

Tiffany table lamps are usually made ​​using brass, iron or bronze material to give a certain character to them. Tiffany glass shade comes with a wide selection of patterns, texture and thickness. Beautiful appearance of the tiffany lamp shades will give the best light that will beautify any room and make guests impressed with its beauty.

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Tiffany Table Lamps with Best Prices

To obtain maximum results, make sure you choose table lamps that match your decorating theme. You can find many variations of light, so find a table lamp that matches the decor will be a challenging activity. However, you are sure to find one item that will comply with your wishes.

The size of the lamp will become important when you want to buy tiffany table lamps. Most people will buy big lights because they will provide attractive patterns and designs to other furniture. Nevertheless, the table lamps that could stand proudly beside the table will look better. Table lamp with a large size will probably meet most of the area of ​​the table so that you cannot use the table properly. In addition, they are usually more severe making it less stable and lights will be easier to fall.

You can put tiffany style table lamps in the living room, bathroom or bedroom to provide additional lighting. To be sure, you will get an impression of comfort and unique atmosphere in every room if you are using tiffany table lamps.

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