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Office Reception Desk and Company Charisma

When you think about the office reception desk, it will be important that they should be well designed. A receptionist will answer all phone calls and...


When you think about the office reception desk, it will be important that they should be well designed. A receptionist will answer all phone calls and interact with clients or patients who come every day.

Go Stylish With Glass Top Office Reception Desk

Glass top reception desk will add some flash to the reception area. Glass material is already widely used to create a variety of office furniture. Not only that, they look stylish and modern, suitable for simple office building design. There are some products that one hundred percent made ​​from glass and some are made ​​of various material combinations such as cherry wood laminate and metal.

Glass Top Reception Desk for Office
Glass Top Reception Desk for Office

Office Environment – Traditional or Contemporary Setting

If you have a wooden table and chairs, traditional furniture would be the right choice. Sometimes, vintage furniture has historical value and made from solid wood such as oak and mahogany in wood grain laminate finish.

For owners of a modern office, simple reception desk will fit your office setting. Modern office furniture usually has a simple design and made of various materials such as glass, metal, wood or a combination of all three materials. You can get contemporary tables and workstations at online stores like Amazon, Sauder, Office Depot and Staples.

Beautiful Cherry Veneer Reception Desk

Wooden furniture is attractive because they have a natural impression. One manufacturer of office furniture, Mayline, brings Napoli cherry veneer reception desk. This table is very stylish for home or office. Napoli series combine stylish accents with a modern twist and a variety of storage options. This product is made ​​from selected North American hardwood with AA grade quality.

Cherry Veneer <span style=Office Reception Desk” width=”560″ height=”390″ />

Cherry Veneer Office Reception Desk

Easy Access Using Office Reception Desk with Drawers

Bring the document to the office can be a tiring and it’s good if you are looking for a table that comes with file drawers. Thus, you can store your files safely. In addition, you will easily access the files that you needed because drawer is within range. There are several products that include storage space at the reception desk. This course will give an advantage because you can put the reception desk and drawer in one location.

Round Wood Reception Desk with Space-Saving Design

Reception desk comes with a variety of shapes and round wooden desk will provide a unique impression. Round shape can save space, especially when you only have a narrow space for the reception area. This table usually has a main desk work surfaces and reception counters to interact with clients. Some products use up to three finishes to get the perfect appearance.

Round Modular Wave Wood Reception Desk

Round Modular Wave Wood Reception Desk

Choose Desk with Great Style and Superior Construction

Reception desk has a large selection of styles. You can choose between plain desk and custom big desk.

Plain reception desk has a similar appearance to the desk for employees. This type of table will easily fit with its surroundings. However, you should consider well if you want to use this table. Visitors will be difficult to distinguish between reception desk and a table for employees because they look identical.

Big reception desk usually has a strong construction because it built from superior materials. Typically, this type of table has a flat surface; do not have shelves and cubby holes. Nevertheless, this table has grand style and has a front and corner areas. This table has a simple but classy appearance.

Ultimate Choice – Custom Reception Desk

When you cannot find a reception desk that suits your taste, custom desk could be the best solution. You will be given the freedom to define the model, materials and features you want. Typically, the custom reception furniture is made with handmade by expert maker. You can see the gallery that offers customized office furniture and choose one, then contact the manufacturer for further customization.

washington curved custom reception desk furniture ideas

washington curved custom reception desk furniture ideas

Mayline Aberdeen Reception Desk for Reasonable Solution and Ideas

Aberdeen series from Mayline are affordable and of high quality products. This product has laminate cesegood that combined with stylish looks and amazing quality. Basically, this series is a transitional style items that would fit all working environments. Mayline Aberdeen reception desk comes with a strain resistance and great abrasion. This product is available in three classy colors: mocha, tow tone cherry and pure cherry.

Mayline Aberdeen Reception Desk with Cabinet

Mayline Aberdeen Reception Desk with Cabinet

Office Guest Chairs Buying Guide


Office guest chairs are usually placed within the offices for waiting area facilities. Select guest chairs that have ideal height relative to the table or desk in your workspace. Generally, guest chair have lower height when compared with the employee chair.

This height variance is able to made visitors unsettled or not relaxed. Owning all at the similar height degree will make guests sense relaxed and promising to perform business with your organization. Additionally, you might think about getting more than one chairs that located in other places inside your office, to ensure you to use them once clients visit your company.

Select high quality lobby chairs to ensure comfortable experience for your visitors. Usually, excellence sitting room choices persuade the best environment inside the workplace and maintain clients with a good experience. When you have an interest to paying for office guest chairs, you can search on qualified online office furniture store. Online office furnishings shops features outstanding buyer pleasure and supply an excellent number of excellence items.

office guest chairs

Basilissa Office Guest Chairs

Basilissa office guest chairs are created from husk-designed construction that created from double curved, multi-layer husks joint collectively and stuck with the bottom casing. The leather model from guest chair features a steel casing construction. The leather variant from basilissa office guest chairs come with ten millimeters slim rubber layer. Sixteen millimeters and diameter only two millimeters slim tabular metal casing, equipped with pivotable and changeable clear articulated feet.

Basilissa Office Guest Chairs

Office Wood Guest Chairs

Office wood guest chairs are flexible which enable it to be operated almost everywhere inside the modern office. They are the best option to official seats planning and might be operated for standalone guest chairs. Many wooden office guest chairs are mild at heaviness and simple to deal with, makes them perfect for transferring and managing. This can be helpful when you want a few additional chair used for a gathering on your office.

Wood can be described as pure substances, could be shaped into a massive number of polishes, forms, and produce extremely fashionable visitor chairs. When you want to maneuver your guest seats often, you might select a stacking guest office chair that helps you to stack three or four seats to avoid wasting area. The primary drawback from wooden guest chairs is the fact that the body frames might be display scrapes and broken quickly.

Office Wood Guest Chairs

Office Guest Chairs Buying Guide

Many visitors use guest chairs. Office guest chairs costs vary from below $100 up to $1000 depend on material and quality. An organization should pay money for several office guest chairs for every desk seats and a decent cost variation among the client seats could make a great change at price. However, you should not purchase the most affordable seat because the ones is not going to sturdy and may even not deliver relaxed sense for visitor.

So, several issues must be prepared just to calculate the office chairs price with the guest requirements. The primary issue once selecting office guest chairs should be to discover that could match the office interior decoration. When you own an extremely contemporary workplace, search for seats that are fitted with a clean appearance. When you have conservative office, small key seats might be matching the cost. Search for durable chairs that are able to endure many injuries. Wooden and steel furnishings are very durable and will survive for an extended period.