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File Cabinet Parts

You can find the file cabinet parts and other accessories on the market. Manufacturers of office furniture like IKEA, Steelcase, Hon and Hirsh makes o...


You can find the file cabinet parts and other accessories on the market. Manufacturers of office furniture like IKEA, Steelcase, Hon and Hirsh makes office furniture parts so users can replace the damaged parts with ease. If you buy a cheap cabinets or old filing cabinets from the less reliable brands, you will find it hard to find replacement parts when your product is damaged. When you buy products from famous brands, you will get good support and if you have difficulty in replacing hardware, simply contact the manufacturer and you will be helped to find the most suitable file cabinets parts.

Price is a sensitive matter for most people. Therefore, many people look for generic parts manufacturer that produces various kinds of file cabinet parts and file cabinets accessories. Their products are compatible with many file cabinets from famous producers. Besides compatible, they have the parts at an affordable price. However, finding generic parts is difficult because not all shops provide them.

Getting File Cabinet Parts with Internet

The Internet provides a wealth of information about the complete product info. You can find the parts you are looking for with ease and online stores provide many file cabinet parts options from various manufacturers. Just type parts brand you are looking for and you will find many options. Nearly all the stores offering the same item but you will find the price difference. Make sure you buy a product from a trusted online store that provides good service.

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Finding the Best Replacement Parts File Cabinet

When you contact the filing cabinets manufacture, you will find information on the best place to get cabinet parts that match your cabinet model. Office furniture manufacturers typically have a partner to sell their parts. Usually you will get a replacement part with a cheaper price. Amazon provides a variety of retail partners who provide filing cabinet parts such as drawer, file cabinet rails or file cabinet lock parts.

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Antique File Cabinet Parts

File cabinets manufacturer usually will still produce replacement parts for their latest products and halt production for the old file cabinet parts. When you have an antique filing cabinet parts, you may be difficulty in getting replacement parts for antique cabinet. For that, you could try visiting a furniture store and try to find a suitable component. You may need some modifications if you buy a standard part. The best way to do this is by contacting furniture repair agent to replace a damaged file cabinet parts.

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File Cabinet Rails


Drawer slide and file cabinet rails are a component of the file cabinets that require special attention. Someone who has a workspace would agree that the cabinet rails is important file cabinet hardware. For employees, office cabinets needed to store and organize important documents.

File cabinets accessories at affordable prices can be found at online office furniture stores such as, Staples, Wal-Mart and Amazon. Cabinet size is strongly influenced by the amount of workspace and the type of document will be stored in it. Two-drawer cabinet has been deemed sufficient for personal needs. However, you must treat the file cabinets parts on a regular basis so they are always durable.

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Most cabinets come with an integrated file cabinet rails. Cabinet rail is an important component that must be available before assembling the filing cabinet. If the proper filing cabinet rails are not available, the drawer cannot hold files perfectly. Rails are metal frame that is placed on the bottom drawer. A drawer usually requires a pair of cabinet rails to work. When the frame rails properly installed, users can access documents in the file cabinets with ease.

Having a file cabinet rails that can be run perfectly with the drawer is crucial. Frame will move in a drawer and do not provide a decent place for a folder if sized too small. They will not fit if its size is too big. In the market, you will find a filing cabinet rails are designed for side-to-side or front-back operation. Rails for lateral file cabinets will use the side-to-side model and vertical file cabinets will use the front back rails.

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Buying Right File Cabinet Rails

It would be better if you buy a file cabinet rails with the same brand with your filing cabinet. This step is the best way to get a matching component. However, most of the brand file cabinets parts will fit with any type of regular and standard file cabinets. When you visit Staple or Office Depot, you will probably find the standard rails with their own brand. Their cabinet rails will be cheaper a few bucks and they will work properly.

Maintenance for the rails in the filing cabinet is very easy. After several weeks of use, you should rub rails with a paper towel or clean cloth. This step will prevent the file cabinet frame from rust and dust. You can smear the file cabinet rails with lubricant oil for easy gliding.

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