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Contemporary Floor Lamps for Modern Interior

One popular idea that many people use to decorate the interior on their home is by including contemporary floor lamps. Getting contemporary floor lamp...


One popular idea that many people use to decorate the interior on their home is by including contemporary floor lamps. Getting contemporary floor lamps that match the décor will provide balance and unique characteristics in the house. You will get a match between floor lamps with furniture if you are careful in determining the color.

You will not be difficult to find contemporary floor lamps that suitable for home as you will find many attractive models on the market. Most of the floor lamp has a height greater than the furniture around them so that the floor lamp will stand out among your furniture crowd. In addition to the model, you will find a variety of materials and price. Type of floor lamps that you will use should be based on your home interior decorating. In the market, you will find floor lamps made of metal, brass, wood and paper.

Fulcrum Magnifier Contemporary Floor Lamps with 12 LEDs

Fulcrum provides magnifier floor lamp to provide a cool light that allows for clear vision. With this lightning fixture, the user could work closely without painful eye. This product is suitable for sewing and for contemporary reading lamps. You will get a bigger field of vision when you need details when reading. Fulcrum provides the lens with a 5 inches diameter that has 2 x power magnifiers with 6 x inset to provide the best detail.

Right below the lens, there are 12 glares free LEDs to provide adequate lighting. This product is very stable because it has a stationary base and has a flexible gooseneck to set lamp position easily. Fulcrum contemporary floor lamps come with an AC adapter. Nevertheless, they can be used without a cable with three alkaline D batteries.

Fulcrum contemporary halogen floor lamps

Ott-Lite Black Vision Saver T81G5T 18-Watt Wing Shade Floor Lamp

This modern floor lamps offer a low heat, high contrast and low glare illumination that will help minimize eyestrain. Wing shade floor lamp from Ott-Lite comes with adjustable flex neck to provide direct illumination to the place you want. These contemporary floor lamps are suitable for use on the computer and reading work. On every purchase, you will get energy efficient bulbs and tubes. In the sales package, you will receive instructions to facilitate assembling this product. This lightning device has 810 lumens rated output and one-year warranty.

Contemporary floor lamps Ott-Lite Black Vision Saver

Adesso Walnut Hamptons Contemporary Floor Lamps

Hampton floor lamps from Adesso give a modern captivating charm. This product comes with a walnut polish pole with elongated cylindrical shade is suitable to be placed in Dens or family room. This shade appears attractive with double layer design and has a crisp white on the inside and variegated beige linen on the outside. This design provides a warm bright light and extra depth to the appearance of the lamp.

Adesso contemporary floor lamps provide a pull chain with a wooden ball to turn on the lights. In addition to providing convenience, the pull chain will add a charming touch. This lamp has a 10-inch base, 65 inches height and can accommodate bulb with 100-watt power. In addition to this model, Adesso Hamptons makes coordinating table lamp.

Adesso contemporary wood floor lamps

By shopping at online stores, you will be given facilities to compare the same product in an array of different shops. In addition, you will easily find contemporary floor lamps at cheap prices.

Modern Floor Lamps Provide Best Lightning


Modern floor lamps are the best way to get the beauty of high-level lighting for every room in the house. In addition, they are very flexible and look charming. Floor lamps with modern design are the best thing you can get to make the room became more colorful. You can place them anywhere, whether in the family room, dining room or kitchen.

Modern floor lamps produce brighter light than a table lamp. Although brighter, you will not get overwhelming lightning like overhead lights. Contemporary floor lamps can be moved easily so you can take them to any place in your home. In addition to providing full functionality of the home lightning fixture, they become the choice of many people to get the elegant decor.

modern floor lamp

You can find many models and types of modern floor lamps in local and online stores. For that, you should see the floor lamp buying guide to find high quality products with the cheapest bid. Also, consider the availability of money and the appropriate type of floor lamp. You will get a high quality floor lamp when you have enough money to buy the products you want. It would be better to pay more for products that will last for a long time.

Modern Floor Lamps and Their Purpose

Before buying, it is important to determine the usefulness of the floor lamp. When you will use them for reading purposes, choose products that offer sufficient light intensity so that the eye does not hurt. If you aim to shade the house furniture, choose a bulb with the brightest light is a good choice. In the end, you will determine the need and the use of floor lamps.

modern wood floor lamp

Modern Floor Lamps and Power Effectiveness

Most of us will see the level of power consumption when buying home floor lamp. Most of them will choose the lamp with the highest efficiency rating and they do not see the energy that is used every day when they are used. Although in watt power appear small, in the long-term use, you may experience a higher electric bill. The higher the wattage rating, the higher the heat generated so that it can affect your indoor temperature. The calculation of the appropriate wattage will make you get high efficiency in the use of electronic devices. You will probably find a few modern floor lamps that have a feature to raise or lower wattage power to obtain the desired light intensity.

Modern Floor Lamps Design

If you use a floor lamp for interior decoration, design and size of lighting will play an important role. There are few modern floor lightning with excessive height and you do not have to buy it if you have short furniture. They will not look harmonious. For that, choose a lamp with adjustable height is the best. You can find many interesting designs on the market so you will not find a problem when shopping for modern floor lamps.

modern style floor lamp