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Excellent Computer Armoire Plans for Home Office

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Big computer armoire plans

Big computer armoire plans

Home office emerges into prominent era since internet connection goes faster from time to time. The size of office at home is varying from small armoire to fully one room with office stuffs. You might consider computer armoire plans before choosing this kind of furniture to be in your office.

At first glance, you may wonder what armoire is because it sounds unfamiliar in some part of the world. Actually, armoire is combination between wardrobe and some small drawers. This furniture is usually for office or workplace and very difference with regular wardrobe for clothes.

Even though armoire is more like bookshelves or filling cabinets, it has two doors to keep stuffs safe and secure. From this perspective, it is similar to safe box but bigger in size and shape. This furniture can be seen at living room with television inside. Moreover, you can open its door but cannot move the television.

In computer armoire plans, this furniture has computer desk alongside some drawer on left or right side. If armoire size is bigger, the desk can be extended to let people put supportive device such as printer and speaker. Meanwhile, drawer is smaller to put your belongings such as flash drive, CD or DVD, papers, books, etc.

compact computer desk plans

compact computer desk plans

Modern Computer Armoire Plans

Armoire is for home usage and rarely found at office, so it will be designed to match the room characteristics. Most of armoires are wood based material because it very safe to use alongside electronic circuit in computer desk, but some products incorporate the combination between stainless steel and wood. Each of materials has advantages and you just need to pick based on what you need the most.

In modern computer armoire plans, the design is plain high box like wardrobe. On top of it, you will find shelves to put one or two lightweight stuff such as papers or books. Some manufacturers design this furniture with the place to store folding chair, so you do not have to get another one.

In addition, the drawer knob can be pulled out easily. It uses pin metal to prevent collides from its place. The last part of this furniture is filling cabinet that can be seen at corner of armoire. To increase the capability, modern armoire will use retractable tray, so people do not bother to try putting anything on high while working.

Contemporary wooden computer armoire ideas

Contemporary wooden computer armoire ideas

Suitable Product for Computer Armoire

If you decide to put computer armoire plans into application, there are some good product to fulfill your needs with elegant design for home decoration. The market for armoire is like derivative level of regular wardrobe or combination between normal computer desk and high shelves. Sauder is one of prominent manufacturer for computer armoire and its products consist of several designs.

Regular model from Sauder has glider tray and two lock doors to conceal from outside eyesight. This product is made in strong wood and dark color, so it looks like common wardrobe when the doors are closed.

Sauder black computer armoire

Sauder black computer armoire

Another product that very good for computer armoire plans comes from American Drew. This computer armoire is very big and you can put office supplies without adding external cabinets. Furthermore, the board for keyboard can be slide out and in easily.

American Drew 919-944 Camden Dark Home Office Cabinet

American Drew 919-944 Camden Dark Home Office Cabinet

Computer Desk Plans for Everyone


When talking about computer desk plans, there are many things to consider such as when choosing the other furniture.  You should ask yourself about the needs prior to purchase office furniture. Therefore, you will not regret it when your task is complete.

You should plan the size and number of computer components that you will have in the future. Select computer desk plans that provide space for all your needs is a wise choice.

pine computer desk plans

Using Computer Desk Plans To Create a Custom Office

Large desktop computers are not owned by everyone. In modern times, people are more like tools that provide advantages in portability and size as a laptop and other mini gadgets. However, people still prefer to work with a desk and laptop computers. For it, computer desk plans for laptop becomes important things you should plan carefully to get the best results.

Laptops have an integrated keyboard so you do not need a place for the keyboard tray. Therefore, you had better choose the shorter table than a regular computer desk. Laptop comes with an integrated mouse, so you can find a table that is only fit for the size of a laptop. Nevertheless, some people still choose full-size mouse when working on office tasks. Therefore, they will need a table that can accommodate notebooks and mouse. Power plug must be easily accessible for ease when going to recharge the minicomputer and easy to release when it will bring a laptop to another place.

By choosing the right plan, you will get a custom home office that looks good. Not only that, you will feel comfortable when working with your own custom table. When you choose the wrong plan, fix some parts that you think necessary. Make sure you choose quality computer desk plans to avoid the frustration and extra work in the future.

computer table plans for home office

Corner Computer Desk Plans for Limited Space

When you only have a small space, corner computer desk is the best option for you. Get a large place for the home office is a good thing, but with this table, you can put your machine in the corner neatly.
Advantage of this plan is the speed in building it. You may just take less than a day to build corner computer desk. If you do it alone, you can determine the best size and model for the space provided.

Most corner of the table using the size 36 x 36 inches and when you need more space for computer accessories, use 46 x 46 inches. Size is not fixed and more importantly; make sure that the table will fit the corner of your room.

Corner Computer Desk Plans with Drawer

With various options offered by the factory, you will find it very easy to build a computer desk to suit your condition. Computer desk plans ideas can be found anywhere and they are quite easy to be realized.