Locking File Cabinet System

Office file cabinet is the perfect office furniture to store all-important documents so that you need a locking file cabinet to provide maximum protection. Safety factors are important things you must consider when buying a file cabinet, either metal or wood.

Most filing cabinets come with integrated locking system. When you want comfort in the work, you certainly do not want to think about the security of documents and provide an additional lock is the right choice. There are many types of locking file cabinets on the market and you need to choose one that fits the needs of the office.

locking file cabinet

Locking File Cabinet Type

Blockade for the document is one of the security features that should be considered when looking for equipment storage. Some manufacturers use standard locking systems such as tubular form or a glass pin lock. Glasses pin lock is a security system that can be found in standard storage such as 4 drawer file cabinet. Tubular lock looks like a small lock system and usually found in small files storage like 2 drawer file cabinet.

Basically, the two locking file cabinets system above provides the same function. Nevertheless, every cabinetmaker will produce vertical or lateral cabinet and has a unique way to provide maximum security for their products. You may find the file cabinets locks that allow the user to lock the entire drawer at single time. On the other safety systems, users can lock one drawer and use the other drawer.

locking 2 drawer file cabinet

Having file storage equipment that can lock the entire drawer may not be the best choice. This locking function is useful if you only operate the file cabinet several times a day or have a document that should get extra tight security.

You will find more options for locking cabinet system by visiting the office supply store. An option above is a small selection from many options that available in the market. If you are not impressed with both locking system above, you may be able to find information about electronic and combination locking file cabinet system.

hon 210 series locking vertical filing cabinet

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