Light Table – How to Choose Properly

As a photographer, the right light table is all you need. You could use it to see the slides, negatives or any artworks on the surface. It is very important for you to sort and choose the slides or negatives by using the perfect light desk. Therefore, there are some aspects to be considered in choosing the right light table. The first aspect is the design and the size. The second aspect is the brightness. The third aspect is the price of the light desk.

Light Table Design and Size

To begin with, we would discuss the first aspect to be considered in choosing the light table: the design and the size. It is very important for you to choose a design that match with your personality and your need. Indeed, the light lamp should be matched with the available space in your office. There are many designs to be chosen out there. Start from the cylindrical light table which is suitable for flexible and large room. Next, the square table is suitable for the minimalist room. In addition, the edgy triangle light small table would be the best for you who own limited space.

modern portable light table

Light Table Light Intensity

The second aspect to be discussed is the brightness of the light photo table. You have to make sure that the table has the LED lamps that provide the sufficient brightness. Do not ever buy the light table that could not give you sufficient light. Such light lamp would not be convenient to be used. In the other hands, do not ever choose the light table with ‘too much’ intensity. You would not be able to look at the slides or the negatives conveniently. Do you know why? It is because the surface of the table becomes too hot. You might burn your skin if you used the light LED table for a long time. Certainly, you do not want to have such experience with your light desk.

mayline wooden drafting light table

Light Table Cost

The last aspect to be discussed is the price of the light table. You might think that the price of the light portable table must be expensive that you could not afford. However, there are many stores or online stores which sell this device. Therefore, it is guaranteed that there are the wide ranges of price for you. The price is start from $200 to $450. All you need is searching for the store that provides the needed light lamp. Therefore, you would not create a large hole in your wallet because of buying the light table.

colorful kids light table

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