Front Reception Desk

One of the office furniture that has an important role in the company is the front reception desk. Reception desk will provide a first impression for someone who visited the organization. Business competition getting tougher and the first impression for a client will make a big impact. For that, the reception must continue to develop in all sectors of the company.

Furniture in the room will play an important role in getting the beautiful and organized impression. As a business owner, you should give best front reception desk because the receptionist role is very vital. At a furniture store, you will find many reception desks with various models such as oval shape, round shape and the L-shape.

modern wooden modular reception desk

Bespoke Modular Front Reception Desk

In addition, they have many choices of colors, materials and prices. Several types of material that is often found are a plastic, wood, metal and glass. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Everyone has a different height and front reception desk is available in a wide selection of heights. Some reception tables are designed to invite the client in a wheelchair.

This type of table come in modular style and is often used for the reception counter. This product consists of standard items like 90 degree corner unit, 90cm straight unit and other units. In addition, they are designed to fit in all places. The advantage of modular furniture is that they come with a space-saving design and can save on your expenses significantly.

metal reception desk in front table

Front Reception Desk Flexibility

In addition, the modular front reception desk offers flexibility in accordance with the needs of the company. For example, a bespoke reception desk reception can be dilated to accommodate additional staff. This type of reception tables come with many finishes. However, this product is made ​​when there is an order and will be delivered within four weeks. With funds of less than $ 5000, you can get a standard modular reception counter that can be used up to four people.

Some manufacturers of modular reception desk only offer a few finishes, so your full reception tables can be assembled and deployed in less than a week.

You should consider the selection of finishes and materials when it would buy the front reception desk. Original wood veneer is the best material, at least for some people. Solid wood will look very attractive when new, but will require a lot of regular maintenance to maintain their appearance.

front reception desk elegeant white style

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