Choosing and Maintaining Wood File Cabinets

When you want to buy wood file cabinets for the home or executive office, you should consider some things. Proper storage filing system will provide convenience in organizing documents and wooden filing cabinets will probably give convenience that you need.

Although most offices use a metal cabinet, wood file cabinets have the edge in appearance, both in lateral or vertical style. Although made ​​from wood, file cabinets will be durable when it uses quality solid wood. To get the best product, take time to learn the advantages from file cabinets that made ​​with wood.

You will probably get a little more choice when you choose metal material instead of wood. You may be free from termites and get a cheaper price by choosing metal cabinets. However, wood file cabinets can provide the same resistance with the metal and you will get a warm, beautiful and fit for all workspaces by using a file cabinet that made from wood.

If you use a metal file cabinet, you will not get the warm and pleasant workspace atmosphere. On wood file cabinet, you will have easy to select the type of wood, models and stain. Some workers may be more delighted with the beauty and productivity from the wood cabinet.

unfinished wood file cabinets

Choose Proper Materials for Wood File Cabinets

Wood cabinet is the office furniture that can combine the beauty and sufficiency. In addition, they will last long and durable. Filing cabinets that made ​​from Plywood is something to be wary. When someone is not thinking long-term investment for the filling system, somebody probably will buy plywood file cabinets. This type of file cabinets will probably only lasted less than two years.

Plywood is a type of wood that is fragile and easily damaged if withstand heavy loads. When comparing between the plywood with steel, steel probably will last longer. However, steel cabinets can dent easily and return to its original state is difficult. Make sure you ensure the quality of the wood file cabinet if you want a cabinet system that will survive the next few years.

You will probably find wood file cabinets that require assembly. Some manufacturer provides a complete guide to assemble their products. If you are not accustomed to assemble a file cabinet, you might have trouble in installing drawer or roller. Particleboard is a file cabinet material that must be avoided. If you visit the office furniture shop, you will find particleboard cabinets labeled as wood cabinet.

For that, you must carefully select the wood file cabinets that provide high quality and durability. That is what you get if you choose solid wood file cabinets such as cherry, pine and oak. Do not choose one that uses cam locks as the amplifier connection. Make sure they are strung with glue clamps or screws.

black wood file cabinets with hutch

Maintain Wood File Cabinets for Perfect Looks

To maintain the beauty of wooden file cabinet, keep them out of direct sunlight. You can use the windows shades, blinds or long curtains to minimize the sunlight. To treat the surface and wood veneer of the wooden cabinets, use a soft cloth.

If you do not use a file cabinet in a long time, it is better to use a blanket to cover them. Do these tips and you will get durable wood file cabinets that always seem beautiful.

antique wood 2 drawer file cabinets

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