Bisley Filing Cabinets

Bisley filing cabinets have a wide range selection of basic filing cabinet to meet your needs for adequate storage facilities. Bisley provide products that can be tailored to the financial needs, whether for large or small companies.

Using filing cabinets from Bisley will ensure you get a good file storage system. In general, Bisley filing cabinets come with a warranty from two to seven years to ensure that you will get a quality and durable filing system.

Bisley Filing Cabinets Offer Maximum Protection

File cabinets from Bisley are a suitable place to store and organize all documents. In addition, your document will always be safe because Bisley provide maximum protection. You can get Bisley filing cabinets with a variety option of drawer and locking system that allows you to get a perfect privacy.

Comfort and safety of users is an important factor. Anti-tilt is a safety device that can be found in Bisley filing cabinets. This system allows you to open a drawer in a single operation. This feature is very useful for maintaining the documents security and privacy.

When the drawer does not close perfectly, filing cabinets will look messy and may eventually cause injury to users. Bisley uses a roller bearing system to facilitate the user when to open and close the drawer. Each drawer will provide easy access and will close completely when closed.

five drawers bisley filing cabinets

Bisley File Cabinets is Durable

Bisley file cabinets are made from steel and do not use the bolts and nuts. However, this product is still strong and offer high durability because it uses a welded carcase. In addition, Bisley uses attractive colors with a soft polish. With Bisley, you will get the quality file cabinets that combine beauty and strength.

Bisley filing cabinets are very easily assembled and they come with pierced plates to ensure that efficient linking can be done right.

bisley filing cabinets collection

Bisley Filing Cabinets can Afford All Document Size

Bisley storage system can accommodate documents with different sizes. In addition, you will get efficient and tidy storage equipment. Bisley cabinet is suitable for use as a tabbed or flattop filing system.

You will find many interesting colors like lime green, orange, blue, black, white and other colors. With so many color choices, you can find office furniture that matches the workspace decor with Bisley filing cabinets.

Bisley 2 Drawers Filing Cabinets

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