Best Indoor House Plants to Choose

Indoor houseplant is one of the essential parts you should have. When applying green theme for your home interior; besides unique, such theme will promote environment to your family members and your guests. There are quite many indoor houseplants out there. However, you should choose best indoor house plants for your house interior. The definition of best refers to indoor plants that need less maintenance, compares to outdoor plants. Best in best indoor house plants also refers to the most beautiful and attractive which are essential for all home interior decoration and theme.

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Best Indoor House Plants Type

One of the best house plants for indoor comes from cactus class, the Cactus Combo Bonsai, which is also included into Bonsai plants. As its literal term, this plant is combining cactus and bonsai, which means that the cactus comes in much smaller size than other cactuses; the size is similar to bonsai plants. One thing that makes it is the best indoor house plants is that it needs little maintenance, for cactus does not need much water.

Palms could also be included into best indoor house plants, especially for homeowners who care much about the room’s aesthetic value and fresh air. Some palms will make such perfect indoor houseplant, as the Chamaedorea palm, which brings the atmosphere of old South area. This type of palm is mostly suitable if you like tropical rainforest, and besides, this palm is relatively small so you can easily move it. Although most palms are best indoor house plants, you need to be selective in choosing one, for some of them can grow at the height of a house.

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Various Best Indoor House Plants Color and Form

Most homeowners, especially women, might regard that the best house plants for indoor comes in the form of flower plants instead of merely leaves and branches. There are indeed some flowered plants that can be considered as the best houseplant, and the African violet is one of the best indoor house plants. This houseplant comes in various colors and forms; thus, you can choose one that suits your house’ wallpaper or paint.

Unlike indoor houseplants with only leaves, most flower indoor houseplants, as the African Violets needs more maintenance. Moreover, it is recommended for you to place the flower plants nearby glasses window, so it could get enough sunlight. Other flower that is included into best indoor house plants is orchids, which come in more than 30,000 species so far. Orchids also come in various colors, from white up to rare black orchids. Begonia is another flower best indoor house plants you can install on your home interior.

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