AmazonBasic Laptop Stand to Reduce Your Fatigue

AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

Working with laptop all day long not only gives you fatigue, but also make your neck stiff. AmazonBasic Laptop Stand is a product that you can use to support your laptop while being used for working. The ergonomic design of this product will reduce the chance of fatigue and neck-ache.

Besides good for your health, the product manufactured by AmazonBasic is also suitable for your computer as well. It gives sufficient amount of airflow under your laptop base. Therefore, it prevents overheating of the hardware that leads it to crash when being used for a long time.

AmazonBasic Laptop Stand Review

In order to reduce the chance of fatigue and stiffness on your neck, this product elevates your laptop up to 6 inch from your office desk. Since it is elevated, you can do your work with your laptop in comfort. The product design is slightly tilted, so the computer will get airflow to cool down the hardware.

Moreover, the wide metal platform of this amazing stand allows you to fit various type of laptop regarding the size. The entire dimension of this product is 10.1 x 9.3 x 6.1 inches. Since the weight of this AmazonBasic product is only 4.4 pounds, you can move it around easily.

Material used in AmazonBasic Laptop Stand comes from a single metal plate that coated with silver-anodized powder. Since the metal material used has high quality, it is sturdy and able to support the weight of your laptop. You can choose either black or white as the color of this stand as you desired.AmazonBasics Laptop Stand - Silver

In order to make the cable less messy, this product features cable organizer to manage your mouse and keyboard cable easily. Besides this feature, the laptop stand also has curvy base that prevent a metal scratch to your office desk. It comes in one piece, so you do not need to assemble it any more.

Whether you realize or not, working in front of laptop for a long time will make you feel exhausted. The stiffness that happened on your neck while working with laptop will decrease your productivity. Therefore, you need a laptop stand that gives you a better perspective and surely prevent any neck problem.

AmazonBasic Laptop Stand is the best product that allows you to work comfortably with your computer longer. In addition to that benefit, the laptop stand also provides sufficient airflows that prevent the hardware of your laptop from overheating.

AmazonBasics Laptop Stand - Black

AmazonBasics Laptop Stand – Black

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