Alera RL8319CSM Reception Lounge Series Cube Ottoman Review

There are several furnishings in lounge such as desk, sofa, bench, and any more. Bench for lounge is different from regular sofa. One of good product for such thing is Alera RL8319CSM reception lounge series cube ottoman.

This product is Ottoman bench, but without storage under sitting surface. Manufacturer creates this bench for open and public reception, which means not for home usage. To increase functionality, sitting spot are larger than regular bench.

Alera Reception Lounge Cube Ottoman

Alera Reception Lounge Cube Ottoman

Advantages of Alera Reception Lounge Cube Ottoman

Before go shopping, you may see some benefits of Alera RL8319CSM that can be very interesting. Main benefit is that it can handle four people at one time. As it mentioned earlier, larger surface lets people sit on opposite position.

Two people sit toward one side and others face contrary side. You might familiar with this situation in some lounge or waiting room. If you are customer for such service, having this bench at waiting room is very convenient.

Manufacturer calls this product cube Ottoman to reflect open side box-shaped. Two connections stand will hold any weight from above. At floor side, these stands connect together.

The next benefit is this product is not fully official furniture. The difference between official and non-official furniture is from its shape and design. As lounge bench, you can put this thing in more relaxing lounge.

Alera RL8319CSM is common for customer oriented company. In financial institution, simple and less complicated procedure acquire less time, so people just sit at this bench for moment until employee announce their name.

For big room, this furniture is very suitable. Once person that come earlier is called, the next one can move to toward new sitting place then followed by the rest. If the company puts cushion sofa, people might not move at certain order.

Another advantage is that it is easy to move and arrange based on room decoration. Company celebrates special day such as anniversary or anything else then want to redesign lounge to reflect that celebration. This product is lighter. Therefore, employees can lift to any spot without too much problem.

Alera Reception Lounge Series Cube Ottoman

Alera Reception Lounge Series Cube Ottoman

Why Alera RL8319CSM is good furniture?

After read all of advantages of Alera reception lounge series cube ottoman, you might wonder others good consideration. It has two colors, black on top and silver or white as stands. Black leather covers sitting surface to keep people feel comfortable.

Even though this product intends for short sitting period, it can handle people who sit more than regular period. You do not have to worry because manufacturer has counted this possibility then increase the bench structure.

It comes from renowned manufacturer with long history in office furniture. Every product has passed quality assurance to make sure that customers get the best product on store. In addition, the seller gives warranty to keep customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Your business depends in how good you can serve customer with personal touch. For such purpose, this bench is very essential. Reception, lounge, or reception room is like front gate at palace that show how great building or service after passes it.

You can win customer attraction and interest with Alera RL8319CSM. As main furniture, try to arrange this furniture in unique and elegant way. Therefore, every room needs center of attraction and this furniture may work well for such purpose.

Alera RL8319CSM Reception Lounge Series Cube Ottoman Black Silver

Alera RL8319CSM Reception Lounge Series Cube Ottoman Black Silver

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