4 Drawer File Cabinet

You may be able to find a 4 drawer file cabinet in any workspace with easy because this office furniture allows users to store folders and documents in large quantities. Four drawers cabinet, either metal or wood, can store up to 3000 files and other frequently used items such as bills, DVDs or photos. In addition, 4 drawer filing cabinet provide better security so it is suitable to be used as the primary place to store all corporate or private records.

You can find a 4 drawer file cabinet in a wide variety of designs, polish and materials. When you choose the material, you need to determine the best. If you choose a metal filing cabinet, make sure they have anti-rust coating. If you choose wooden filing cabinet, make sure you choose products made ​​of solid wood such as oak, pine and mahogany. Wood furniture is more expensive than steel furniture and generally widely used for home offices. Some manufacturers provide a choice of leather variant for the 4 drawer file cabinet on the market. Thus, you will get functional storage equipment that gives beauty at the same time. Four drawer metal file cabinets have many color options so you can determine the best color combination for your workspace.

In the market, you may be able to find 4 drawer file cabinet designed specifically for storing DVDs. This product has a drawer with several subdivisions in it for easy sorting file. This file cabinet can store up to 800 DVDs.

oak 4 drawer file cabinet

4 Drawer File Cabinet Function

The functions of 4 drawer file cabinet have the same function like any other file cabinet. The most obvious difference is the use of four-drawer that more than enough to be used to store personal documents. They are very portable because it has a lot of drawer and at the same time, they can provide space to store more files. When you need more space, the attachment can be made ​​for this product. Interlocking features between the thumb latch and the drawer is an additional feature that can be found.

fireproof hon 4 drawer file cabinet

The most common model for the 4 drawer file cabinet is the vertical and lateral. Vertical model is preferred and easier to find because they offer easy access to the file. Lateral model will use more space. However, some libraries use the lateral and vertical models periodically to keep their books.

The storage capacity is an excess of four drawer file cabinet and this advantage become reason for many people to get it. Someone who is more concerned with aspects of decorating may want to choose a file cabinet with 4 drawers with more compact and portable model. In modern offices, 4 drawer file cabinet is common file storage and is very safe to store the file in a long time.

white 4 drawer metal file cabinet

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